Within your simpleERB reports section of your account, you can pull a deposit report by date range to check if you need to follow up with any customers. 

You can easily chase for the deposit within the customers IBP (individual booking place) by using the auto resend email button under the payment details section. This will be recorded here as well with a sent time stamp. 

It is useful to always set a due by date in the deposit rule so that an auto reminder deposit due email is sent to the customer to prompt payment. 

Here is a direct link to the report - https://app.simpleerb.com/restaurant/reports/deposits.aspx

You can filter the report to show a set booking date range and what type of deposit details you require. The report can be easily exported as a CSV file. 

An additional useful feature is the tick option of "show additional history". By selecting this option, it give you historical details of each customer, that includes; 

  • Deposit paid/refunded time stamp 

  • Time stamp of auto payment link, manual resend payment link email and reminder email being sent

  • Manager override records 

We also have easily identifiable icons that appear on the customers bookings in all screen views to show the deposits status. The icon key can be located below and at the bottom of each screen view in your account.

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