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How can I monitor when bookings are added?
How can I monitor when bookings are added?

See all bookings added today within diary view.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

To monitor bookings that you are receiving is easy with simpleERB. 

In the diary view, on the tab buttons (see screenshot) there is a tab titled 'by date added'. When you click this a drop down box will appear where you can select for the bookings to be shown that have been added today or in the last 7 days. 

When you click the 'today' button, the diary view will show a list of all the bookings added on today along with all the booking details.

You can also receive email notifications of widget bookings to multiple email addresses. To ensure you have this set up, you need to access the 'restaurant info' setting and make sure the 'email web bookings' check box is ticked. 

You can find out how to view recently cancelled bookings here.

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