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How to view your recent cancelled bookings quickly in diary view.
How to view your recent cancelled bookings quickly in diary view.

A quick way to view your cancelled bookings is in your Managers Day Book.

Written by Anthony
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The managers day book allows your team to quickly view the current dates cancellations that have been made for today and future dates.

By clicking on the grey 'managers day book' box, this drops to open the daybook where you can add detailed notes from one shift to another for better communication between shift managers and log any daily operations the whole team should be aware of. 

Underneath the notes will also appear a list of all today's cancelled bookings. You can see the date/time they booked for, when they cancelled, covers and the name telephone and email. 

There is also a link to view 'today's cancelled booking report. This can only be accessed if logged in as a manager/owner username. This will help you see all the bookings that were cancelled for that booking date.

Using this cancelled booking information, you can keep an eye on customers you may wish to enforce a late cancellation for if you have card capture rules in place to help eliminate no shows.

You can also use this to monitor bookings for an advance waitlist, which the manager day book can also be used for as a simple solution, find out how here.

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