If you wish to use Credit Card Capture to hold details in case of a booking no-show or late cancellations where a penalty fee will apply, you will first need to integrate your simpleERB account with one of our integrated payment providers.

Important Note:

It is very important to ensure you have added in your Terms & Conditions setting here your booking conditions, cancellation policy, and the penalty fee that will apply if the customer no shows or cancels late. It may also be worth highlighting this as a widget customer message and refer to the T&C.

We currently integrate with the following payment providers to securely process and manage the payment process; Stripe, RMS and takepayments. Please be aware that the payment provider will charge you a transaction service fee on all payments processed.

How to take payment in Stripe for a customer's booking.

Login to your Stripe dashboard, you can view all customers in your dashboard or you can go to create a single payment for a customer.

The quickest way to locate a customer is to use the search field at the top of the screen and paste in the email address the customer used to make their booking.

You will then be presented with the customer, double click to access the payment details.

Within the customer details, you can then scroll down and select the 'Add payment' button. This will allow you to create a new payment for this customer.

You will then be presented with the 'Create a new payment' pop up where you can add in the title listed on the customer's statement and further info in the description section. Add into the amount section the full payment you wish to take from the customer.

You can then view the payment in your payments dashboard, you can also refund from here and send a receipt.

If you wish to go through the 'payments' sections, select "Create payment".

You can then choose the customer from the drop-down or manually search for them from the database of captured cards from bookings. You can also manually add card details if the customer has provided you directly with card details instead of through the Payment Stripe link in their booking.

You will then be able to complete the payment by adding the amount and description of payment.

How to take payment in RMS or takepayment for a customer's booking.

If you are using the payment integration with RMS or takepayment, the process is similar but will be actioned through your RMS or take payment terminal.

You can use the payment reference of the customer that will be located within the customers booking place 'payment status box' on the right hand side.

If you encounter any issues, please reach out to your payment providers support.

You can view our article here on how taking payments and credit card capture can reduce no shows to Zero!

*Please be aware that the payment provider will charge you a transaction service fee on all payments processed.

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