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How can I add private online booking for a promotion?
How can I add private online booking for a promotion?

simpleERB can allow customers to book online for special promotion with private booking options.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

simpleERB booking options can be utilised for events or promotions you might wish to run that come from private booking invitations. 

A great example of this is, you might run a social media competition for some lucky customers to win a set meal for two in January to drum up some revenue in the quiet lull after Christmas. You can then set a booking offer with its own allocation and availability and set to 'private only' so a unique URL is created.  

To find out more information on how to create a booking offer, see our help article here

See image below of example of setting up a private bookable option; 

When adding the booking option, make sure you always tick the 'private only' option so that normal online customers can't book it. 

Once you have added the private booking option, you can then use the URL to email on to the competition winners so when they book, this is recorded in their booking and they can only book as per the condition set by you. 

By adding booking conditions/allocations to the private booking option you are in control of when the competition winners dine. You would need to advise the booking conditions in the competition fine print.

See the example below of the customer view of the private booking offer URL on the widget and the customer booking. 

We have recently added a new article here about how you can now add to a specific offer a card capture or payment rule. This assists with obtaining prepayment for a specific booking option.

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