Using the payment integration, you can add a card or payment rule to Booking Offers.

This allows restaurants to set up Booking Offers with a prepayment amount for a specified offer which can be used for set offers you may require to be booked in advance, for example; a pre-paid afternoon tea offer or a private ticketed paid event.

Booking Offers can be edited and disabled at any time, any existing bookings in the system that have an edited/disabled offer will remain with the original offer in place.

Only one card/payment rule can be applied to an individual offer and it must have a due date set up.

As with bookings that require a card/payment rule, you can monitor Booking Offer card/payments in reports here and view the live cancellations being made from the Managers Day Book.

How to set up a card/payment rule on an offer?

After creating the Booking Offer and adding the offers booking availability, click the £ icon to 'manage payment'. This will redirect you to the card/payment setting here.

Booking offers can have an advanced booking time set, to allow enough time between booking and arrival for any card/payment requirements to be met by the customer.

Important: Please ensure you clearly list in the booking offer description the payment price required and details of what the offer is for. Hyperlinks to menus can be added to the description. Online customers are not made aware of the specific offer price until they proceed to confirm the booking details which are outlined in the blue customer messages box. Please also list any cancellation fees in your Terms & Conditions.

In the card/payment setting, select which method requirement you wish to add and select the "Specific Offer" check box. Here you can select the Booking Offer you created from the drop box and then proceed to outline the rule requirements.

Once the rule requirement is created, you will be able to see this listed as enabled in the settings section and this requirement will also be listed under the specific offer in the Booking Offer setting.

The card/payment rule 'due date' for Booking Offers follows the same process as outlined here for the card/payment booking requirements.

How does this work when customers book an offer?

For online widget bookings, the offers are only selectable to the customer at the offers set availability and covers. When the customer selects the offer to apply to their booking, the card/payment requirement is outlined to the customer when completing the booking details. Customers will be enforced to supply the offers card/payment requirement in order to complete and confirm the booking. The booking offer is listed on the customer's confirmation email.

For phone bookings, you can add a Booking Offer to a customer booking, at the time of booking, which will allow the customer to make the offer card/payment via the secure email link. For phone bookings, the 'due date' requirement will follow the specified rule as outlined here in this article.

If an offer is added to an existing booking that requires a card/payment for the offer, this will need to be manually taken via your payment provider. Alternatively, you could cancel and rebook the customer in your simpleERB diary.

You can also add a Booking Offer to a phone booking that is not normally available for the booking time slot/covers. Offers that are not normally available will be listed under the 'not available' title. These offers will require a 'managers authorisation' override and apply to the booking.

Helpful tip: Our Future Booking Specification Export can help surface with an exported report the upcoming bookings for certain Booking Offers to assist with planning and forecasting.

For further information on how to add a Booking Offer, please click here. To find out how you can use Booking Offers for private events/promotions, please click here.

simpleERB Booking Offers can also assist in managing third party discount offers/voucher companies, find out how here.

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