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Can I use simpleERB to handle deal companies?
Can I use simpleERB to handle deal companies?

Yes! simpleERB has a great solution to handle coupons from deal companies.

Written by Chelsea
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If you are running a deal with an external voucher/deal company but want to avoid the deluge of phone calls that you'll get from customers redeeming their vouchers, then simpleERB can help. 

You can use our offers section to create an offer, set the times you want customers to book and give the private offer link to the voucher company to put on their site or on the customers voucher purchase. This means that the customers of the voucher company book directly through the private URL. Only they will see this URL to the booking widget.. 

Best of all you can exactly tailor the availability that you offer them during the period of the deal along with allocation. You can edit your availability at any time. No surge of voucher phone calls!

You will also now have these customers details in your database for future use. 

How to create the offer -

In advanced settings, go to booking offers. Enter your title, a description, the allocation you've given the deal company and tick the private only box. 

By ticking the private box, this means only people with the voucher or offer instruction can book the deal via the unique URL link that you will need to pass onto the deal company.

After creating the offer description, booking widget option and allocation, you can move onto adding availability. This can added a set time running on specific dates with a min/max booking size or you can add multiple time slots. 

You can also set an advanced booking time for your offer, if the offer requires an advance booking to be valid.

Once you have entered your availability, you will notice that a link will appear. You can now give this URL out and it will take the customer straight to the widget where they will be able to book this offer at the times you have given.

You can also add a message to customers to request that customers add their voucher details to the booking comments.

Now sit back and watch your diary fill up whilst the telephone remains idle!

If you require a future booking list of how many have booked through this voucher offer, you can use the Future Booking Specification report here to assist you.

You may be interested in our other feature for monitoring in-house promotions, please see here.

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