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What are the benefits of SMS credits in simpleERB?
What are the benefits of SMS credits in simpleERB?

In simpleERB you can purchase bulk SMS credits to contact customers.

Written by Chelsea
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Within simpleERB, there is an option to purchase SMS text credits in bulk to allow you to quickly contact and notify customers about bookings. 

The benefits of using SMS credits are; 

  • Help reduce customer 'no shows' with the ability to set up auto send SMS booking reminder direct to a customer's mobile. 

  • Able to follow up with a specific customer directly within their booking place

  • Easily notify same day waitlist customers waiting in a different area of the restaurant that their table is ready (similar to a table pager) 

  • Notify a customer their request for a table added to the advance waitlist is available and that a booking confirmation is on their way to them.

To purchases SMS credit, login to your account and click the link below. The setting is located under Account & BIlling.

It will give you the option to purchase 250 or 1,000 SMS. The payment will be automatically taken from the billing details you have listed for your plan subscription. An invoice/receipt for the purchase can be found in your 'payment history'.

After your purchase, you will be able to see within this SMS setting the remaining balance available. 

To set up SMS auto-send booking reminders, see our help article here

For more information on how to directly SMS a customer from the booking place, please see here

To use our 'same day' waitlist feature, click here for more information

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