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How can I view old widget suspends?
How can I view old widget suspends?

In widget settings and availability, you can view new and old suspends that have been added.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

When in your widget setting and availability  at the bottom of the setting you will see a section where you add in your suspends and a table that lists all the current suspends you have in place. 

The suspends are listed in level of priority and date. Therefore you can see from the image below that the recurring day suspend is shown first before the other dates you list. 

After the suspend date has passed, this will then become a historial suspend and be removed from the current list. 

If you need to view old suspends for your records, you can easily see these by clicking the blue "show all old suspends". 

This will then update the table to include all your current and previous suspends in descending order. See from example below.

See our video here on widget set up. 

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