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How to quickly autofill in a customer's details for a booking?
How to quickly autofill in a customer's details for a booking?

simpleERB makes booking in a returning customer quick with autofill.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

When a returning customer calls to book again, save time by using the autofill option available to insert the customer fields quickly. 

Bring up the individual booking place (IBP) for the customer's desired booking date/time and then type in the customer's name. 

On the IBP right-hand side, it will produce any customer's matches that are in your database. If it is not the right customer, click the "not this customer" button to view any other potential matches. 

If the customer details are the correct, click the "yes this customer" which will transfer over the fields listed in the customer database. 

As you can see in the image below, the customer fields have been all transferred over after the one click. 

If the customer has opted in or has any of the 'quick info' buttons selected, these will also transfer over. 

All you then have to do is add in any other booking requirements needed for that current booking and click "save booking". 

If you wish to see a breakdown of how simpleERB pulls the customer's data, please view our article here.

If you need to remove a customer's data, please see our article here on how to do this.

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