If you ever require to close out a specific booking time slot for the entire simpleERB diary, we suggest using the 'close tables' setting

In the close tables setting, there is an option to tick "all tables" when selecting the times you wish to close out. 

Once this is ticked, this will close out the specified time for all bookings (online widget and telephone). The time slot will close out in the system and not be able to be booked, not even as a manager only booking. 

See images below for an example of how this will appear in the Booking and Grid view. In the image below, we have closed out time slots, 2pm - 3pm pn 19/12/2019. 

Here you can see below that the 2pm - 3pm time slots are blocked out and no bookings can be made. If there was a booking in place, this would still stand in place. 

If you require the time slots to be reopened again, all you need to do is just go back into the 'closed tables' setting and delete the amendment. 

If you wish to close out an area, please see our article here on how to do this.

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