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How does simpleERB help you easily keep track and view customer booking changes?
How does simpleERB help you easily keep track and view customer booking changes?

simpleERB records changes effectively within the booking for quick view.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

In our recent update (release 15.7), we have re-designed how simpleERB records booking changes and notes within the customer's individual booking place (IBP). It has now been redesigned to record the changes/notes into segregated categories so you can easily and quickly view the information you require for that booking. 

The sections are divided into the following; 

Booking Info
Customer Info
Customer Complaint 

These are listed as a first priority regardless of when they are added to the booking. They will always appear at the top of the records so staff can easily see these important comments. 


This section will hold all the changes made to the booking; updating covers, time, date changes, any manager overrides, stay time. 

SMS Text Message
Email Message

If a customer has been manually text/email a follow up booking reminder from within the IBP, this will be recorded here. You can see our help article here on how to quickly send an SMS text message.

Booking Placed 

This will always be the last recorded note, as this is the initial date/time the customer made the booking along with the source.

All recorded notes are listed with the date/time it was added and who was logged in when the change was made. See example booking below;

You will also notice that if the customer is a 'returning customer', the customer's historical booking data will also appear. In the current IBP, you will see only a snapshot of the recorded notes/changes for the past three bookings. If you require to see all the customer's past historical bookings, just click the "show all" button. See the example screenshot below, it is showing the above customer booking with 'all' the historical booking notes.

In the snapshot version of the historical bookings, only the important information that you could help you with the current booking will appear, such as; booking reference number, any booking notes, promotions booked/offers, and the date booking was added/source. 

In the "show all" version, you will be able to see further recorded notes such as; changes to the booking covers/stay time and date changes. 

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