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How to set a minimum and maximum booking size at a specific time slot.
How to set a minimum and maximum booking size at a specific time slot.

You can set booking cover sizes to control capacity.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

In simpleERB, you can control cover booking sizes for specific time slots using your advanced settings.

You might want to limit the booking sizes on your busy nights, for example on a Saturday you might just wish to take bookings for larger bookings only and keep your tables of 2 covers for walkins only. 

To do this, go to the 'Smallest/largest Bookings' setting under the Advanced Settings. 

Here you can select the day and the time slot start and end times then specify the smallest and largest booking size for bookings during these times. 

For the example below, you can see that Friday and Saturday's have a minimum booking requirement of 6 covers and a maximum of 8 covers on Friday and 10 covers on Saturday. 

This will also apply to your online widget bookings, therefore we recommend adding a customer message above your widget if you have similar amendments in place so the customer is aware if trying to book a party of 2 covers.

Please be aware that when you make amendments like above, the booking diary will mark these time slots as 'manager only' due to the system defaulting the booking system to 2 covers. You can find further information about this here.  

See our quick overview video here about overriding default settings. 

If you instead wish to change your max covers per timeslot, you can view another article here that shows you how.

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