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How can I restrict booking covers on certain single time slots?
How can I restrict booking covers on certain single time slots?

Smallest/largest advance setting is useful when you want to restrict booking sizes in order to cope with the previous busy timeslot.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

Every restaurant will know which time slots are the most popular with their customers and be able to pinpoint in advance busy/quiet periods. In order to control the booking flow and ensure your staff are not run of their feet trying to seat customers, in simpleERB you can restrict booking cover size on specific time slots. 

For example; your restaurant peak time slots might be 18:00 and 19:00 on a Saturday night and you are happy to take in as many bookings you can on along with group bookings on these slots to drum up the revenue. However, you might then find that at the 18:15 and 19:15 time slots that your team are busy taking initial orders for the previous bookings that the customers who come in at these times can sometimes feel abandoned service. 

This is where you would use the smallest/largest booking setting to restrict the booking sizes on these time slots after a busy one. You can restrict it to only accept smaller booking sizes of 2 covers at these times. 

This applies to all bookings, online widget and telephone bookings. 

See our quick overview video here, on overriding default settings which includes this feature. 

If all bookings are displayed as 'manager-only' this can be down to your smallest/largest settings, you can view our article here on why this is.

If you instead wish to change your max covers per timeslot, you can view another article here that shows you how.

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