If there are certain dates/days of a block of dates you wish to differ from your normal default, you can do this in Table Turn Time to override your simple setting.  

A great example for use of this setting would be if you accomodate Sunday brunch bookings and wish to allow customers more time on the table to drum up more business and average diner spend than a normal 90min stay time on a dinner table booking. 

To do this in the setting, select the recurring day and then the time period you wish the 'table turn time' to be changed. Add in the new table turn time and make sure you tick the 'tables required back by'. 

This now means any booking that is placed on that day/date within that time period will have the set table turn time allocated to that booking. 

'You can also add this to a single time slot by listing the start time as the time slot you wish to change and then the end time will be the next time slot.' 

In this setting you can also turn off the table turn time using the tick button at the top of the setting. This means that once the table is booked, it blocks out that table for the remaining of the service period. If you wish for this table to be bookable again, you would need to tick the 'table ready button' as it will not auto release the table as it normally does when you have a able turn time set.

See our video here for further information on how you can override other default settings. 

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