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How can I change a tables turn time for a specific date/day and covers?
How can I change a tables turn time for a specific date/day and covers?

Override your normal booking table turn time on certain days/date and by cover sizes.

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There may be certain booking cover sizes, certain dates, recurring days, or a block of dates you wish to differ from your normal set default stay time, you can do this in Table Turn Time to override your simple settings located in, Set up tables and area setting.

If you can only make 'manager bookings' later in the evening in your Diary and you wish to change this, you can view our help article here on this.

A great example of using this setting would be if you are looking to accommodate a longer stay time than your default stay time. For example; only Sunday bookings over a specific booking period and for bookings of a specific cover size.

How to apply a stay time edit

To create this example edit in the setting for Sundays, select the recurring day "day/time' check box and the day this applies to from the dropbox. Move on to specify the time period you wish the 'table turn time' to be allocated to these bookings, making sure you tick the 'tables required back by'. Finally, select the booking time slots this applies to along with the cover requirements.

This now means any booking that is placed on a Sunday within that time period (13:00 - 15:00) with cover size (min 4 - max 8), will now have that designated set table turn time (120mins) allocated to the booking when it's placed online or via phone. This edit will override the default table turn time of 90mins when a booking matches these requirements.

'You can also add to a single time slot by listing the start time as the time slot you wish to change and then the end time will be the next time slot.' 

Along with setting it up for a recurring day, you can apply this to a block of dates or a specific one-off date. Just select the option you require from the selection list before adding the edit.

How do multiple edits affect each other when booking?

You can apply multiple edits in the table turn time setting. However, the certain edit that is applied to the booking, if there are conflicting edits, will depend on the following hierarchy;

Date - will always take first preference over any other edit in place. You may need to specify covers if this conflicts with an existing edit.

Block of dates - will be void when it conflicts with a specified date rule

Recurring Day - will be void on a specified date or block of dates when it conflicts with another edit

Covers - are calculated according to the matching rule

Therefore, if a booking is made where conflicting rules are in place and the booking requested doesn't fit into one of the edit categories, the default table turn time will be allocated to this booking.

You may find you need to set a larger cover range or multiple edits with specific covers if you are trying to designate for a certain date.

How to remove the table turning feature

In this setting, you can also turn off the table turn time using the tick button at the top of the setting. This means that once the table is booked, it blocks out that table for the remaining of the service period. If you wish for a table to be bookable again, you would need to tick the 'table ready button' as it will not auto release the table as it normally does when you have a table turn time set.

If you are looking to completely turn off your table turn time, you can view our article here that explains how to do this.

See our video here for further information on how you can override other default settings. 

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