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How do simpleERB pricing plan subscriptions work?
How do simpleERB pricing plan subscriptions work?

simpleERB has 3 flexible plans to suit your business needs

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simpleERB has monthly and annual subscriptions available for our three plan types; Starter, Plus, and Pro.

To see the plans cover allocation and pricing, please click here.

Annual plans

When signing up for an annual plan, you will be given the full year plans cover allocation to use throughout the entire annual billing period. For example, if you choose the Starter annual plan you will be given 2,400 covers immediately. This will allow for seasonal fluctuation during the months and not restricting your business to a set monthly cover allocation. Annual plans benefit smaller restaurants that may have a high cover count in Summer or holiday dates or a seasonal restaurant that closes for a couple of months a year.

Once signed up to an annual, unfortunately, you cannot change your plan type during the year. If you do run out of covers during the year, please get in touch with our support team ( who will be able to assist further.

Don't forget, signing up for an annual plan and you will save 10% off the monthly plan price.

Monthly plans

Monthly plans have the advantage of being able to change a plan once per billing month to assist with seasonal cover fluctuations. For example, during November and December festive periods, you may require more covers than normal so you could upgrade to the Plus plan and then in January, you could downgrade to the Starter plan when it gets quieter.

Please be aware that when moving down a plan, any unused or remaining plan covers will be removed and only the new chosen plan cover allocation will be added. For example, if you were on the Plus plan with 100 covers remaining but you wanted to move to Starter when you make the change in your account, you will only be allocated 200 covers for the Starter plan and the 100 covers from the Plus will be lost.

Every month after the plan payment subscription has been successful, you will have the plans cover allocation added to your account to use for the new month.

If you need to move up a plan during the month due to running out of covers, you will not be charged the higher plan price until your plan billing renewal date even though you will be allocated to additional covers to use.

If you change a plan during the billing month and then run out of covers, you will not be able to change plans again within your account, however, please get in touch with our support team ( who will be able to assist you.

Cover usage report and plan settings

Within your simpleERB account, you can easily check your plan cover usage by heading to the 'plan usage' setting here.

To view you next billing renewal date, you will find this in the 'plan selection' setting here which is also where you can change plan types.

To find out how simpleERB calculates covers, see our article here. We also have a great tool to help with business planning using Forward Covers Booked reports.

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