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Can I import my existing customer database?
Can I import my existing customer database?

You can import your existing customer contacts into simpleERB

Written by Chelsea
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If you are switching to simpleERB or have obtained new customers that have not yet made a booking, you can easily add these to your customer database using our Customer Import feature here.

Importing your existing customers will help to quickly auto-match and auto-fill the customer, saving you time, when they make a booking and assist in building their historical booking data. You can then easily export this data and note customers who have opted into your mailing list, to help create specific and targeted marketing campaigns through a mail marketing website.

How to use customer import:

Head to the customer import setting here and download the CSV file template from the link within the help text.

Add your customer details into the CSV, please ensure you take note of the field format requirements listed in the help text. You only require at least a first or last name and one contact number for the data to be imported successfully.

Example image below of CSV template with customer details. When uploading the file, this needs to be in CSV format for this to be successfully imported.

Once the file is successfully uploaded, you will be able to view which customers have passed the check or which ones have failed due to the field format being incorrect or not enough details supplied. You can see in the example below, the customer highlighted in red has not met the pass checks as no contact number has been supplied.

To import the details, click the blue 'Import above customers' button. Once this has been processed, you can exit the setting. You can then locate these customers via; customer search, customer export, and the individual booking place.

From the image below, you can see when making a booking for the customer, the new imported customer's details are matched on the right hand side for you to accept and auto-fill. This customer has been recorded as opted into marketing and you can see the imported notes added for this customer.

To find out more information about the customer export report, please click here. You also might find our 'quick info' buttons helpful, click here for further details.

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