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How do I set up and use simpleERB's Covid-19 contact tracing feature?
How do I set up and use simpleERB's Covid-19 contact tracing feature?

Use simpleERB's Covid-19 contact tracing feature to adhere to government guidelines.

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In simpleERB, we offer users the free feature of Contact Tracing for Covid-19.

You can enable or disable this feature swiftly and set this up to the desired requirements from your local authorities. Our feature is also GDPR compliant and the data is deleted from our servers after the period of time selected by you.

If the authorities contact you for a report due to a positive case being noted in your premises, they can quickly obtain it from us along with a table plan if applicable to help them prioritise tracking.

How to set up Contact Tracing

In the settings, under customers, select the 'Contact Tracing Setup' option.

As seen in the image below, use the 'toggle' switches to enable the data requirements you are required to gather from your customers.

To enable the feature, press the 'save contact tracing setup' button at the bottom of the page.

You can copy and use the URL to add to your website as another point of access, use in your mailing list or add to a 'pay/order app' you may use.

Generate a QR code to print out or add to your menus or as a place card on your tables so walkin customers or extra people in the booking can quickly register in no time.

How does the customer register their data?

If the customers book via the widget or supplies an email address for a telephone booking, they will receive the following notification on the booking confirmation email.

The link will take them to the Track & Trace form below with the data requirements you selected.

After saving the details, the customer can fill this out again for the other members of their booking or they can pass on the link for the other individuals to fill out.

How does a walkin register their data?

A walkin booking can access the form to fill out from the URL or the QR code.

On this form, there will be a field to include their table number that they have been allocated to keep this record.

If a member of an advance booking has not filled out the form, they can also use the URL or QR code.

How to monitor that customers are adding details

In the settings, under customers, select the 'Contact Tracing Dashboard'.

The dashboard will only show the bookings and obtained contacts for the present day. You will be able to view the advance bookings and see who has completed the Track & Trace form for their booking.

Walkin bookings will also be listed in the dashboard to view.

How do I obtain a report to send to authorities?

If you are contacted by authorities and require to send on a report, you need to email simpleERB on ( and mention your account restaurant name and the reference number located in your Contact Tracing Dashboard.

simpleERB would then export an encrypted data report to send to you to pass on to the authorities.

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