In simpleERB, you can now add another widget message to the online booking experience for customers.

This widget message is very useful to make customers aware of anything they need to be aware of before proceeding to make a booking via your widget. This would include information such as; days you don't accept online bookings, advise you only take bookings of X covers size or that you may be closing for a period of time.

In the widget general settings, you will find at the bottom section, the 'online message' box. Here you can add in custom text or add a hyperlink in the box.

The custom message saved in this box will be permanently displayed on the first stage of the widget.

Please see the example below of how this will appear on the widget for customers.

The alternative customer widget message here is not displayed to the customer until they reach the stage of adding in the contact details for the booking.

This message is beneficial to add in details the customer should know about the specific booking date, such as a special menu, or to prompt the customer to add in certain information into the booking notes for your team.

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