simpleERB's private booking offers and payment features combined are very useful to assist in managing bookings for a special ticketed event or a large function party.

In Booking Offers, we have the option to select an offer to be private, which means the offer is only bookable by a customer who has the booking offer link.

We offer for every booking offer two different booking links;

  • Link box one - allows the private booking offer to be booked within the online widgets live availability alongside normal offers and table bookings.

  • Link box two - allows the private booking offer to be booked through the widget even if the online availability is closed out.

In the example below, a private booking offer has been created for a special ticketed event. The second link that is highlighted in a purple square, is the booking link to be passed to customers for this special event that is booked outside of your normal widget availability.

You could use the link on your website or email within an email marketing campaign.

This second booking offer link will override any widget closeouts you have in place to allow the customer to complete the booking as normal, with any payment/card capture rules you have in place for that specific offer.

As you can see from the example booking images below for the special event booking, the customer is still able to use the link to complete a booking even though the widget is closed out.

You will, however, need to ensure your Diary does have an available time slot for the bookings to be added to. This may require changes to your settings, such as a Partial Open Day, to override and open the booking time slot that differs from your normal available time slots.

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