simpleERB has many features that you can add to deter no shows.


"The deposits system has been a complete game changer for us. Positively that is! It has virtually eliminated no-shows." - Ben's Cornish Kitchen

simpleERB's deposits system allows you to take deposits or hold card details for each booking or specific bookings based on date/time criteria. Using an easy to set up integration with Stripe, you can get this up and running very quickly so that the whole process is automated. If you take a walk-in booking or one over the phone, you can email the customer a link to fill in their card details or just override the need for them to be taken.  

>>> Set up deposits | Quick overview video 

Booking Information Tabs

If you don't want to do this you could add booking information tabs which attach to the customer so that the next time they book, this information is highlighted next to the booking. These appear in the booking information page.

>>> Set up booking information tabs

Terms and conditions

Enforce your terms and conditions! There are a set of standard t&c's in your simpleERB account but you can edit these. They appear on each booking confirmation as a link. You can edit these to suit your needs.

>>> Set up your t&c's 

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