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I want to keep tables aside for walkins.
I want to keep tables aside for walkins.

How to set certain tables a side for walkins.

Written by Chelsea
Updated over a week ago

You may have a couple of tables you keep in a certain area reserved for walkins only. This could be to keep a balance of bookings and to have as a safeguard in case one of those booked tables fails to arrive. You would kick yourself if you turned away a walk-in as you were fully booked but then a table no-showed.

To ensure these are not allocated to online customer bookings, take the following steps.

  1. Close off the specific tables from online bookings.

2. Rank these tables as the last bookable tables.

Please note - if all other tables are booked and your team goes to add in advance booking, the system will still allocate as a last resort the walk-ins tables as simpleERB is designed to keep taking bookings until you are at capacity.

You could even make a specific restaurant area and call it 'Walkins' so staff are visually aware in the Grid view which tables should be used to quickly record walkins or highlight in a ''message fo staff'.

To find out to quickly record a walkin, please click here.

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