Using Stripe integration and having a credit card capture rule set up, means you can securely and safely hold customers card details so that you can charge the card at a later date if required for a booking cancellation or no show fee.

Stripe currently does not have any time limit on how long you have until you can no longer make a charge on the card details captured. This means that if a customer books today for a booking date 2 months in advance and card capture is applied against the booking, you will still be able to attempt a charge on this if required.

However, it's complicated somewhat by SCA as in the future payment charge is not always guaranteed. The customer's bank may still ask for further authentication from the customer for the charge applied, which the customer could in theory decline.

If you are experiencing a high no show rate, we would suggest opting for the deposit payment rule and apply a 'due date' followed up by monitoring the deposit report in order to securely obtain guarantee payment for this booking.

If you want a further example on the maths of why you should charge a deposit, please click here to see our helpful article.

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