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What is the character limit for SMS credits?
What is the character limit for SMS credits?

In simpleERB you can send SMS reminders or custom SMS content

Written by Chelsea
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In simpleERB you can purchase in bulk SMS credits to assist in sending auto booking reminder notifications or custom SMS notifications to your booked customers.

To purchase SMS credits in bulk, you will need a payment method added to your account here and then proceed to the 'purchases SMS credit's' setting here.

In this setting, you can also view your SMS credit balance.

simpleERB's SMS credit character limit is 160 characters for a single SMS sent. Take note that 'spaces' are considered a character.

You can send SMS's that contain more the 160 characters, however, the maximum excess is 198 which equates to 3 SMS credits as the encoded message needs to be sent to the recipient in 3 segments.

Important info: Please take note any messages sent that exceed 198 characters and require more than 3 segments are not sent on to the mobile contact.

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