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Can I delete tables in the table layout?
Can I delete tables in the table layout?

How to correctly delete tables without affecting your current bookings.

Written by Anthony
Updated over a week ago

You can delete tables in the table layout setting, however, you need to ensure you have moved any existing bookings on these tables to another available table prior to deleting it. 

We have made a recent change and you can now no longer delete a table if a booking is placed on the selected table. Previously, tables that were deleted with existing bookings had been moved to a non-existent table which caused future issues.

How to delete a table in the table layout

To delete a table, simply click on the table you wish to remove within the Table Layout and select 'Delete Table' at the bottom of the screen. 

Once the table has been deleted from the table layout, you will need to ensure that all affected advanced settings that relate to the table you have deleted have been updated i.e. Table joins, Table ranking, 

If you don't update the necessary settings, your simpleERB account will not be working efficiently and you will find it will prevent specific bookings. 

How to move existing bookings on a table you wish to delete

As previously mentioned, before deleting a table from your table layout we strongly suggest moving all future bookings from that table to another available table with adequate covers or create a new table.

If bookings have been made on the table, you will be prompted with this error message (in the image below), to notify you that bookings are in place for that table number.

The error message will tell you the booking reference, the date and time the booking is in place. There is also a link that will take you to the Diary view so that you can view all bookings and move the bookings on that table before deleting the table from the layout.

The easiest way to move the bookings from the affected table is by using the Grid view, you can quickly drag and drop the booking to a free table. Please see our help article here that explains how to do this.

You can also use the quick move in the booking form, alternatively, you can use the table layout in the booking form to amend bookings. Please see our help article here that explains how to move tables using the table layout.

If you are completely changing your table layout, please see our help article here. You can also change each tables max covers at any time. Please see our help article here that explains how to do this.

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