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How do I add new staff as a user
How do I add new staff as a user

This article will show you how to add a new user in simpleERB

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To add a new user in simpleERB, the first thing you need to do is log in as an Owner Username and head to the Staff Settings here:

You will then be greeted with the following page

You can enter the user's details, First Name, Surname and Username you can also set their password. If you have Pins Enabled you can assign a specific Pin number to the user. You can find out more information on how Pins work in simpleERB here.

Important: When creating the staff 'username', this needs to be unique to simpleERB's global database. Therefore, you may need to add additional characters to a name username in order to save this. You will be prompted if the username is already taken within the simpleERB database.

At the bottom of the form you can select the user's level of Access; Owner, Manager, Wait staff or View Only.

You can read more on the four access levels here.

Once added the staff member will appear in the list of users.

If you oversee more than one simpleERB account or if your restaurant is part of a chain that is linked you can choose which restaurant each staff member has access to.

To find out more about linking your simpleERB accounts, please view our help article here.

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