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How do I add staff logins?
How do I add staff logins?

Add in multiple staff logins with different authority levels.

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In simpleERB you can have as many different staff logins with different authority logins. The will allow your team to login to view bookings from different places or areas within your restaurant or at a different venue.

You can have a login with 'view only' for the concierge or the kitchen team to check bookings and then a login with 'manager' access for the reservations team to input bookings and then for floor staff a general bookings login with 'waiter access so bookings are being made at times and in areas that are allowed.

Multiple staff logins are also helpful for restaurants that have multiple linked simpleERB accounts for different areas or venues. You can set what logins have access to which linked accounts.

How to add a staff login

You need to login to your simpleERB with an owner username. Once logged in, head to the Staff Settings, here.

At the bottom of the page, you will notice the grey box below to create a new user. Here you need to add in the user name, surname and then create a username/password for them along with identifying the access level. Once completed, click 'add' to create the user. See our FAQ here about the different access level behaviours.

Important: Each username created is unique to simpleERB so you will be notified if the username you are trying to create is already in use in the system.

How to add a staff login with multiple access to linked accounts

If you have multiple simpleERB accounts linked together and wish to create a new user to have access to both, please follow the steps below.

To create the new user, follow the normal procedure to set this up, however, when you go to select the restaurant access, you need to select/tick each location individually. Please do not select the 'All' option as this will limit the ability to make override changes on the second account.

To select/tick the locations, please choose the options from the dropbox under, ' can access these restaurants'. Please see the example image below.

To find out further information on how to add an extra level of authority to your simpleERB account, please click here to find out about using pin numbers.

If you are looking to have multiple simpleERB accounts link together to allow you to switch between the accounts without having to log in/out manually, please click here.

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