With simpleERB and Stripe integration it is easy for your staff to securely accept customer deposits and card capture for booking guarantee, without needing to have any time consuming processes/training for handling customer payment details safely and to ensure you are PCI compliant (meaning that any card details or transactions
are done in a secure environment) . 

By setting up the premium feature of Stripe integration for deposits/card capture, your staff don't need to directly record customers payment details as it is all done securely within Stripe via an email payment link to the customer. 

When a customer calls and the booking date/time requested has a deposit/card capture rule in place, this will be notified to the member of staff when confirming the booking. The booking cannot be confirmed without a customer email or without clicking either the "customer advised" or "manager override" for the payment requirement. See example image below. 

Once the "customer advised" button has been selected by staff and an email has been recorded, the booking will then be confirmed. The customer will then receive a booking confirmation followed shortly by a booking deposit/card detail payment email. See example below of the payment email a customer receives. 

The customer can then click the link to securely input card details for capture or deposits within Stripe. This email link means your staff are not handling customer payment information and the customers details are safely stored in a third party payment processor (Stripe) where payments are protected against potential fraud. Customers payments will also be compliant with the new introduction of Payment Services Directive (PSD2) introduced Sept 2019. 

The above image is an example of the Stripe payment form customers are presented with via the link to add details. 

Once the customer has paid the deposit or added card details, you will be able to easily identify this in simpleERB against the customers booking in all views with icons and within the IBP (individual booking place). From the example below, you can see under the green header on the right of the IBP that this customer paid the £1 deposit on the 12/09/2019 3:07pm. 

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