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How do I set up the payment integration for card capture and booking payments?
How do I set up the payment integration for card capture and booking payments?

Use our payment integration feature to secure your revenue and eliminate no shows.

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simpleERB's payment integration is easy to set up with the ability to create custom booking rules for card capture and payment or set specifically for a booking offer/promotion. The process is mandatory on all bookings that require a card or payment to be confirmed.

For further information on how the booking process works for the customer and the restaurant, please click here. To find out how the automated cancellation process works on bookings, please click here.

simpleERB currently integrates with the following payment provider gateways; Stripe and takepayments.

The simpleERB payment integration is included in the Pro plan price, however, you can add the feature to the Starter/Plus plan options for a small extra cost £15.00 pm / £162.00 pa (excl VAT). Please be aware that the payment provider will charge you a transaction service fee on all payments processed.

How to integrate simpleERB with one of our payment providers

To begin the integration, you will need to input the API key information required depending on the payment provider you are using into the 'Connect to payment provider account' setting here. You can toggle between test / live mode. Test information and card details for bookings can be found on the payment providers' support pages.

Please see below separate links with information according to each provider's requirements.

How to set up custom booking rules or setup rules on booking offers/promotions.

Once the payment integration is completed, you can then progress to adding your custom booking rules or setting up a requirement on a booking offer/promotion.

Setting up general booking rules

Head to the Credit Card Capture & Payment Setup here. This is where you can set up different rules for your booking requirements. For further information on set up, please click here for our guided article.

Setting up requirements for booking offers/promotions

Head to the Booking Offers setting here. You can set up a card or payment rule on a new offer or an existing one. You will be directed to the card/payment set up page to finalise the rule details to be set for a specific offer. See more details here about how to set this up.

Further helpful information on the card capture/payments on bookings

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